A New Podcast from Story Team!

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Podcasts have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years, with some of the most well-known shows focused on telling stories. We love some of these shows and have long dreamed of producing our own. And today we get to do just that.

We are excited to tell you about the new Story Team Weekly podcast!

Over the past month we have included audio versions of our written stories the Story Team Weekly email. We’ve received great feedback and learned a lot along the way. We are excited to experiment and learn a new medium. But most of all, we are praying that this new show will lead you to worship Jesus for who He is and remember what He has done. We think podcasts are only going to grow in popularity, and we are looking forward to seeing how God uses our show to proclaim His gospel.

Starting today you have two ways to experience our weekly stories, either through the new podcast or in your inbox. You can subscribe today through iTunes, or by searching for “Story Team Weekly” in your favorite podcast app.

Do you have an iPhone but don’t have a favorite podcast app? We recommend Overcast. If you have an Android phone, here is a list of the most popular podcast apps. Are you new to podcasts? and have no idea what we are talking about? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, check out Apple’s guide to getting started with podcasts.

Brian Lundin

Brian Lundin is the Lead Writer and Producer for The Austin Stone Story Team and manages Storyteam.org. He is a storyteller and geek who lives in Austin, Texas with his talented wife Lindsey. He also blogs at brianlundin.com.

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