Advent 2015: Love

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This Advent season, we want to celebrate the coming of our Lord with you, and rejoice as we connect more deeply with Christ.

For this year’s Advent readings at The Austin Stone Community Church, we asked some of our Story Team artists to write poetic prayers that center around the birth of Jesus and the salvation that first came to us in a manger. We hope these prayers stir your heart to worship Jesus along with us.


Stir my affections to the most radiant wonder in all of the world: the advent, the giving life and work in the person of your beloved Son, Christ Jesus.

     He, the perfection of our eternal hope secured.
     He, the glorious manifestation of exquisite, flawless, and transcendent love.
     He, our Redeemer King.

When all creation groaned in plight, affliction, and death,
You gave us this holy night–
     a newborn King,
     a Prince of Peace, a heritage of hope.

When we feel unable to rise, too sluggish to respond, too content with the world’s shadows of satisfaction,
     Steady our gaze on the cross,
          Where Your inexhaustible, indestructible, all-consuming love is displayed,
          Where Your perfect sacrifice paid the debt my sin accrued,
          Where the light of Your love absorbed all darkness in me.

You have shown us love
     from the beginning of time,
     through the ages,
     and for eternity forevermore.

We are saved, sealed, and satisfied
     by Your love,
     through Your love,
     and for Your love.

O God, You are Love!
     You are light and life, our greatest prize!
     Your steadfast love is our eternal refuge.
     You are my reason to worship.

Unabashedly, adoringly, with full voice and fervor we sing:
     Praise be, to our God and King,
     Our beloved, our fortress,
     Our love and hope forevermore!


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