Advent 2015: Hope

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This Advent season, we want to celebrate the coming of our Lord with you, and rejoice as we connect more deeply with Christ.

For this year’s Advent readings at The Austin Stone Community Church, we asked some of our Story Team artists to write poetic prayers that center around the birth of Jesus and the salvation that first came to us in a manger.

Over the next four weeks, we will share those prayers with you, and we hope that they will stir your heart to worship Jesus along with us.


We have wandered and rebelled,
     and we have walked away. Forgive us, Lord!

Forgive us for a hope misplaced—
     for seeking a judge,
     for crying out for an earthly king,
     for running to idols, golden and gleaming—
     when all the while, You alone could save us.

And we praise You, Jesus, our promised Redeemer, for You came!
Yours was a humble beginning:
     A poor couple traveled to Bethlehem,
     only to find no room at the inn,
     for the Son of Man would have no place to lay His head.

“Glory to God,” the angels cried out,
     a great star shone overhead,
     shepherds and kings journeyed to see You,
     a swaddled newborn, lying in a manger.

Hope wrapped in flesh, You dwelt among us,
     the Spirit of the Lord resting firmly upon You,
     bringing wisdom and understanding,
     counsel and might,
     knowledge and a fear of the Lord.

You judged with righteousness,
     demonstrated faithfulness,
     offered us forgiveness,
     and stood in our place when the wrath of God poured down.

You died and rose again,
     Son of the Most High,
     and You are returning to reign.

So we hope once more, crying out to you, our Savior: Jesus, come quickly!
Defeater of Death, Victorious King,
     seated at the right hand of God,
     You plead and pray for your people,
     who are no longer separated from the Father,
     for You, Jesus, are the way!

Return again,
     making right every wrong,
     wiping away every tear,
     and healing every wound.

Return again, Precious Savior and Righteous King,
     not through the womb of a virgin,
     but on a white horse, sword in hand,
     this time not as a babe,
     but as our Conquering King.

Keep our hope secure in You until the end of our days, Lord.
And in this season when the things of this world can blur our vision and steal true joy,
     stir in us an undeniable anticipation.

As we celebrate that You came,
     cause us to cry out for Your coming.

Oh, that we may have our request and that You would fulfill our hope.

In Jesus’ precious and holy name,

Feature image by Jordan Vonderhaar

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