Behind the Story: The Heyl’s

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God never fails to show me something through the stories he is writing in peoples’ lives.

Taylor King is a second-year filmmaking resident with The Austin Stone Story Team. Taylor is the filmmaker of our latest story, Far More: The Heyl’s, and last week he kindly sat down and some questions about this story.

When this story was passed to you, what were some initial thoughts you had for visually telling the story? What did you need to gather more of to better understand the story and translate it into a film?

The timeline for this story was the most challenging thing. Many of our films are well planned in the pre-production phase and aren’t necessarily on a SUPER strict deadline. This film however, start to finish, was done in a week. Visual thoughts had to come quick, and because of the time constraints I just had to fit it into half a day really. Digging through the transcripts led to the base narrative of the story, and that is the conviction of giving back a portion of time to God through service. So, limited to one day of filming, I decided to build an arc from start to finish, waking up—serving—coming back home.

What was your role in putting the story together. Did you film as well as edit? 

I did all filming and editing, and unfortunately there were no other filmmakers in the process. For something with such a quick timeline, and no previous relationship with Tim and Liz Heyl, I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable by having multiple people in their home.

What is something that was a surprise to you about making this production happen?

A surprise that seems to come from every production is how impacted I am by the story! I honestly think I should not be surprised by that anymore, but God never fails to show me something through the stories he is writing in peoples’ lives. As far as a filming surprise, I was extremely happy with the weather conditions that day (being super cloudy), and how many windows are in their house for beautiful natural light settings.

How did the timing and deadline affect your work and creativity in this project? Are there any tips you would give media leadership or artists as they consider ideas and production timelines?

This is a tricky question because every project has a predetermined timeline, if you will. What I mean by that is some films are able to be filmed in a week, and other films are able to be filmed in 2 years. The Heyl’s story was something that could be done on a very short timeline, and we had to work with that. However, I think “able” is an important word because it allows flexibility, and I never want to sacrifice excellence because I want to finish something this week.


What was the most difficult yet rewarding experience for you in this production?

I went into Sunday morning before I entered their home to film thinking it would be really difficult for them to be comfortable around me (a weirdo with a camera). The rewarding experience is that I could not have been more surprised! They were amazing at just keeping their normal routine going, and allowing me to just be a fly on the wall.

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