Perfectly Sewn

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“I felt like there was a certain standard of beauty that I couldn’t live up to. The standard was symmetry. And symmetry was something I was never going to have.”

Lindsey was born with a congenital melanocytic nevus that spanned thirteen centimeters and covered the entire right side of her face. Fearing the growth of the nevus and the potential of skin cancer, her doctors performed a nine-hour surgery to remove it, leaving Lindsey with scars that would affect her for the rest of her life—she often felt separate from others, unknown, and vulnerable.

By understanding her true identity in Christ, Lindsey now sees her scars as a testimony of God’s grace in her life. “Scars are evidence of God’s miracles.”

Living With Cerebral Palsy

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“The hardest thing is loneliness. I am my own greatest enemy when I am left to my loneliness.”

This is a story of how Roger finds hope in the midst of living with cerebral palsy.

God Wins

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Ever since Jen McManus was first diagnosed with a malignant tumor, she’s been fighting—fighting against cancer, and fighting for hope. However, far from being rooted in the vagueness of wishful thinking, Jen’s hope is anchored in the certainty of Christ’s love. “Cancer has made death more real—and the gospel more real,” she says. “I’m joyful because of the gospel and because of the story God is telling through my life.”

Foster Care – Babysitting

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“Serving in this capacity is heart-wrenching on a good day, but it’s beyond worth it. It’s something that we have been commanded to do.”

Hayley Savens, a school psychologist, helps lead a Missional Community of single co-eds. After her group realized their common heart for the orphans, they were stuck wondering how they could help. Through contacting the Caring Family Network, they were presented with the opportunity of relief care, which is providing childcare for foster families.

Through babysitting two foster boys, Hayley begins to see her adoption as a child of God in a new way.

Missional Community Baptism

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You dont have to be a pastor or an elder to lead a missional community, preach the word, lead people to Christ, or baptize them.

Not According to Our Plans

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“It’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re doubting the Lord.”

Tim and Amanda, like many couples, had always wanted a child. After following the usual life steps of marriage, settling down, buying a home and starting careers, they thought that it was time to raise a family. During the process of pregnancy the Lord drastically changed their plans.

After being classified as a “High Risk” patient, Amanda Siek found her home in the hospital for over 3 months battling a complication that affects less than 1% of all births. Fighting for their marriage, and the life of their child in the midst uncertainty, Tim and Amanda cling to the Gospel and the plans the Lord has made for them.

In the midst of this fight, they find much needed love and support from their gospel community at Providence Church in Austin, TX.

Meeting Unexpected Needs

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A missional community sets out to serve at a local food bank and discovers an unexpected need that opens their eyes to a more personal and intimate way to serve those who serve others.