Fiercely Loved

Story Team Spoken

“I was basically like a sex slave and a mistress for him.”

After being exposed to pornography at a young age, Lorraine found herself wanting to live a life of worldly pleasure. For years she tried to find her fulfillment in sex and in men. Desperate for real love, Lorraine quit college in order to have an affair with a man in Sweden for several months. When that relationship painfully ended, Lorraine was left at her breaking point, searching for a way out.

A Freeing Reality

Story Team Spoken

“When tragedy strikes or when suffering hits or when everything that you’re holding onto is ripped out of your hands, you really start to identify where your treasure is.”

Andrew Burkhart, a pastor in Moore, lost everything he owned in the May 20th storm. His pregnant wife and young daughter were in their house moments before the tornado struck, but got out just in time before it was destroyed.

The Gospel Goes Further

Story Team Spoken

“I remember that fear gripped me, I knew what was coming. I remember thinking please, God, don’t let it happen. And it happened anyway.”

Daniell has a long and painful history that threatens to define who she is. As a child, she experienced the trauma of sexual and physical abuse that distorted her view of God’s love. After having 2 children as a teenager, another in her twenties, and experiencing a handful of broken relationships, she was at the point of giving up.

Thankfully, Jesus intervened, gave her a new life, and overcame her hardships. She now rests in his forgiveness, which in turn, has allowed her to forgive those who abused her.

A Father’s Love

Story Team Spoken

“The only thing I could say was, ‘Daddy I love you’, and my own flesh and blood, my dad, turned and walked out the house and didn’t say a word.”

Jimmy, estranged by his father at an early age, is convicted and compelled by the Gospel to love and pursue him in an effort to extend forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Death of Me

Story Team Spoken

“It was more than homosexuality. Holistically, I was a sinner. I needed Jesus to save the whole of me.”

Raised fatherless, Jackie was molested by a family friend and introduced to pornography at an early age. She grew up living in a fog of drugs while struggling with gender confusion and having homosexual desires. At 17, she was in a relationship with another woman, but soon found herself longing for something more.

Being Different

Story Team Spoken

“If God is so loving, then why would he smite me with albinism?”

Born with albinism and legally blind, Jimmie found himself growing up in a small Oklahoma town where people constantly ridiculed him for the way he looked. This led him to despise God and search for his identity in music and drugs. However, by the grace of God and through a discipleship relationship with an ex-drug dealer, Jimmie experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus, and his life is forever changed.

Calloused and Shattered

Story Team Spoken

“My mom said [to my stepdad], “If you kick in the door tonight, I’m going to shoot you.”

Living in inner city Houston, Corey grew up with an abusive, drug addicted stepfather who eventually hung himself in the attic of a house. Despite his traumatic childhood, Corey now believes God used this to shape him into the man he is today, and it’s by God’s grace and grace alone he “made it out.”