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The Story Team Field Guide is an email list run by the staff of The Austin Stone Story Team. Through this email list we periodically share storytelling insights, resources, and some of the best content from this site. In the future we will also announce new opportunities or events with our team.

Today we want to share with you some of the resources we have sent out in the Field Guide. If you find these suggestions interesting or helpful, consider signing up for the Field Guide. We’re already working on the next issue.

+ Art for God’s Sake by Phillip Ryken is a good companion to Francis Schaeffer’s Art and the Bible. In this short but powerful read, Ryken issues a call to the church to recover a love for the arts and artists, and for the purposes they were created for.

+ The Elements of Style is the go-to resource for writers. Often referred to simply as “Strunk & White” after the authors’ names, this is the starting point when thinking about a personal or house style for any kind of publication. Follow its rules and you will not go wrong.

+ is a site that our photographers regularly read and reference. From inspiration and resources, to assignments, critiques, and more, their blog is full of insight from professional photographers working at a high level.

+ The AP Stylebook is the style manual for working journalists, but many other types of publications use it for style guidance, including our team. The Story Team house style is partly based on AP Style, and we also often reference the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style.

+ Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder might be a surprising pick for us. This book lays out the basics of screenwriting in a very straightforward way. So straightforward in fact, that many screenwriters don’t like it. However, many of us have found large sections of it useful in thinking about how narrative storytelling works and how stories should be structured.

+ Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky from 99U is a great read for any creative. Not simply another time management theory or system, this book is an honest examination of why great ideas aren’t pursued through creation. It’s a well deserved kick in the pants for creatives who think that being an artist means not shipping your work.

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