The Story Behind “Center My Life”

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This morning Austin Stone Worship and the Austin Stone Story Team released “Center My Life,” the first single of our new live worship album This Glorious Grace. Not only can you download “Center My Life” for free, but we also released a film of the recording, the story behind the song, chord charts, and teaching videos for worship leaders who want to use this song in their churches. You can find the song, resources, and films for this song at

Story Team worked closely with Austin Stone Worship to produce short interview films with the songwriters of all the original songs on This Glorious Grace. Today we want to share the story behind “Center My Life.”

We think the stories behind the songs are very important. For the people of The Austin Stone, we want them to know how these songs are written. We want them to know that the songs come from the Bible and from the lives of our worship leaders and songwriters. Knowing the story behind a song gives us a deeper appreciation for the song and for the Savior whom it praises, as well as a deeper understanding of the theology we affirm through it. We pray that these songs also move the affections of Christians around the world, and that these stories can help worship leaders as they use these songs with their people.

We’re excited to release this project because it has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects we’ve worked on and because we love working with Austin Stone Worship. We believe that gospel storytelling and worship music do the same thing in the heart of a Christian—lead them to worship Jesus for who He is and what He has done. We jumped at the chance to lock arms with our brothers and sisters in Austin Stone Worship and produce these films.

This project challenged us. It stretched our team’s creative abilities and experience, and we love the results. It’s moved us to worship God more, because we absolutely could not have done this without His power and provision. Making the films moved us to worship Jesus more. We hope watching them propels you worship Him more, too.

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